February 16, 2018

Ruger Precision Rimfire: 2018 SHOT Show

Gun Tests Editor Todd Woodard interviews Ruger's Director of Product Management Mark Gurney and learns about the company's Ruger Precision Rifle. Video transcript below.

Hi, I'm Todd Woodard, editor of Gun Tests magazine, and we're here at 2018 SHOT Show at media day. We're here in the Ruger booth, and we're gonna hear about the Ruger Precision Rimfire from Mark Gurney, director of product management at Ruger.

Mark, tell us about this gun.

Gurney: Hey Todd, thanks for stopping by.

So this is our Ruger Precision Rimfire. It starts its life as a Ruger American rimfire, but we had this very nice chassis that we put together for it. It's glass-filled nylon, very well executed. It takes 10/22 magazines, but the stock extends down through here, and we have a length-of-pull adjustment, we have the fore and aft position of the comb adjustable, as well as the comb height, so we can fit just about anybody behind this gun.

Woodard: So the comb can tilt down and up, as well as raise up and down.

Gurney: It tilts forward and back, so you can get the length of pull for your shoulder independent of where you want to put the cheekpiece.

Woodard: It's a nice feature.

Gurney: Yep, ok, like the Ruger Precision Rifle, it has an adjustable trigger down to two and a quarter pounds and it is very, very crisp.

Woodard: Okay.

Gurney: It comes with a cold hammer-forged barrel. It's threaded. We happen to have our Ruger sound suppressor, a silencer, on here, very nicely done. This can kind of bracket two kinds of shooters. You've got the people who want to train, so you can do precision rifle training with 22 Long Rifle.

Wind pushes a 22 around a lot, and it will teach you, it will humble you about wind—ask me how I know.

Woodard: Yes.

Gurney: But then for newer shooters, you can adjust it for a youngster, and they can look really cool when they're shooting. It's a ton of fun from every avenue, every kind of shooter.

Woodard: This looks like a very flexible platform for people to learn on and have fun with.

Gurney: Yes. You can't beat 22 Long Rifle.

Woodard: What do you anticipate the MSRP being?

Gurney: This should go across the counter for about 400 bucks.

Woodard: And is this gonna deliver in 2018?

Gurney: Oh yeah, absolutely. We announced these products at the end of the year, and they're in production now.

Woodard: Mark, we really appreciate the run through on the Ruger Precision Rimfire, and thank you very much.

Gurney: Thank you for stopping by, sir.

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