November 8, 2009

Registration Open for U. S. Army Junior Open Air Rifle State Championship Postal Competition

The U. S. Army Junior Open Air Rifle Championship is now taking entries for the 2009-2010 State Championship postal competition. This championship is sponsored by the Army Marksmanship Unit and is open to all junior shooting organizations that have school-age juniors as members or enrollees (high school seniors or below).

Participation by as many junior teams, clubs, 4-H clubs, JROTC units or other organizations around the country is encouraged.

Registration opened November 2, and will remain open until January 8, 2010. Targets must be postmarked by January 22, 2010 and preliminary results can be viewed on February 1. Results will become final February 8.

U. S. Army Junior Open Air Rifle State Championship

The top teams and at-large individuals will be invited to attend the Championship on March 20-24, 2010 at AMU’s Pool Air Gun Range in Fort Benning, Georgia. Qualifiers for the National Championship will be officially notified as soon as possible after February 8.

The Official Program is posted on the CMP web site at Team and individuals can register here.

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