July 6, 2009

Colt’s Slide Lock Safety and Recoil Spring Guide Pad Recalled

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC has determined that the Slide Lock Safety (“Safety”) and/or the Recoil Spring Guide Pad (“Guide Pad”) in certain Colt model pistols were not manufactured to Colt specifications and must be replaced.

All of the Colt models were sold after March 2007 and the range of serial numbers affected by this product recall is shown in the attached table.

In the chart, an “X” beneath “Safety” and/or “Guide Pad” signifies that the part(s) of the listed model needs replacement.

Colt’s Slide Lock Safety and Recoil Spring

Only the New Agent model needs replacement of both parts.

For all models listed, you must return the pistol to the Colt factory for part(s) replacement.

Defender models do not need to be returned. Instead, Colt will send a new Recoil Spring Assembly Kit that includes the Guide Pad to replace in your pistol. See the instructions below on how to obtain recall service.

Customer Service can be reached at www.ColtsMfg.com .

Click here to read entire recall notice.

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