October 19, 2009

Long Hunter Shooting Supply Offers USFA Rodeo and USFA Rodeo II with Low-Profile Hammers

Long Hunter Shooting Supply

USFA Rodeo

Long Hunter Shooting Supply

The USFA Rodeo features a low-profile hammer.

HARTLEY, Tex. - Long Hunter Shooting Supply sells USFA Rodeo and USFA Rodeo II single actions with low-profile hammers.

The lower-contoured hammer makes is easier to reach for the one-handed shooter and provides quicker shot to shot strings for the two handed shooter. With the hammer at rest, the sights are still in full view, unlike the old style hammer where the sights are hidden.

The USFA Rodeo and USFA Rodeo II with low-profile hammer will be sold exclusively through Long Hunter Shooting Supply. These models also come with the an action job included in the price. The "from box to holster" features are:

  • Rear sights are widened from .108 inch to .140 inch
  • Forcing cone is cut to 11 degrees
  • A crisp, no creep trigger pull
  • Factory flat "hand" spring is replaced. The frame is drilled and a Ruger style coil spring is installed for reliability.
  • Factory main spring is replaced with a Lee's Gunslinger flat spring for a smooth, reliable cocking motion while maintaining a quick hammer drop.
  • Factory flat "trigger/bolt" spring is replaced with a wire spring for added strength.
  • Hammer is relieved .007¡å on each side to eliminate drag marks. The hammer can be machine jeweled or plain polished per customer request.

Long Hunter Shooting Supply is owned and operated by Jim Finch, aka Long Hunter.

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