July 6, 2009

Smith & Wesson Recalls Certain Model 22A Pistols

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Smith & Wesson has recalled certain Model 22A rimfire pistols. This recall applies only to 22A pistols manufactured from August 1, 2008 to February 19, 2009.

Smith & Wesson has determined that the slides of certain pistols manufactured during the time frame noted may not meet the design specification. This can create a situation where insufficient head space exists, creating a risk of unintended discharge.

The pistols fall within the following serial number range:

Smith & Wesson Recalls Certain Model 22A Pistols

When your pistol is returned, you should note a punch dot which appears on the rear underside of the slide. This punch dot can be seen by locking the slide to the rear and looking at the underside of the slide as seen in the photograph above. This punch dot is verification that your slide meets specification and the pistol is safe to use. If your pistol already has this punch dot, you do not need to return the firearm.

UBW 0000 – UBW 9999
UBY 0000 – UBY 4104

If you have a gun in this serial number range, send an email to 22A@Smith-Wesson.com and ask for further directions.

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