November 4, 2009

Troy Industries Makes Factory Move

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -- Troy Industries, Inc. is expanding operations and moving to a larger facility.

Troy Industries makes small arms accessories for the AR15, M14, M16, M4 and other rifle and carbine platforms. Most notable product: Folding BattleSights.

Troy Industries' new physical address: 151 Capital Drive, West Springfield, Mass., 01089.

Troy Industries

Troy Industries is offering 25%-off package gear deal that includes the company's 10-inch MRF-MX BattleRail, Folding BattleSights, front & rear (HK style front) and a Rail Cover 3-pack. Sale Price: $393.75.

Anthony Fyden, Troy's Marketing Group Manager, said "Other than the shipping address, all contact information, phone and internet will remain the same. Most of our customers will not be affected by the address change at all, which was why we did not get specific, but we wanted to share the news."

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