August 13, 2008

Carl Bernosky Wins NRA National High Power Rifle Championship

Carl Bernosky took home top honors as the overall champion for the 8th time at the 2008 National Rifle Association (NRA) High Power Rifle Championship Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio.

Using an AR-15 platform rifle with a Smith & Wesson M&P15 lower, Bernosky achieved a first place finish and successfully defended his title from the previous year. In addition, Bernosky also earned the NRA Civilian and NRA Match Rifle Championship titles.

“This year’s match proved to be one of the more difficult championships that I have competed in,” said Bernosky. “During the first three days of competition the weather was outstanding, but on the last day the wind was over 20 mph, making shooting from a standing position extremely difficult.”

The custom high power rifle used by Bernosky was chambered in 6mm Hagar and consisted of many custom parts including a Smith & Wesson M&P15 lower; a 26-inch Krieger barrel; a Geiselle trigger; and a custom upper assembled by John Holliger.

“The M&P15 match rifle that I used at Camp Perry was built for the NRA High Power competition,” said Bernosky. “The ergonomics of the lower and butt assembly make it the most comfortable standing rifle I have ever shot. The semi-automatic feature allows for better sighting, recoil control, and recovery during the rapid-fire events. Plus, the accuracy is equal to the best bolt-action match rifles being built, a real confidence builder when shooting at 600 yards. I think that it is clear that the AR-15 rifle has a home in this type of competition and I look forward to coming back next year with the same rifle and trying to make it three in a row.”

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