August 15, 2008

Turner Elevated to Bronze in 10m Air Pistol

BEIJING, China (August 15, 2008) — The U.S. Olympic Committee reports that U.S. shooter Jason Turner was awarded a bronze medal in the 10m air pistol event after Kim Jong Su from North Korea was disqualified for a positive drug test.

Turner was fourth in the competition before Kim's doping positive. From Rochester, N.Y., Turner lives and trains at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. A 2004 Olympian, he will receive his medal in a ceremony hosted by the U.S. Olympic Committee on Saturday, August 16 with the time and location to be determined.

The Associated Press is reporting that the The International Olympic Committee said shooter Kim Jong Su tested positive for propanolol after winning the silver medal in the 50-meter pistol and bronze in the 10-meter air pistol.

U.S. Shooter Jason Turner

USA Shooting

U.S. Shooter Jason Turner

Propanolol is a banned betablocker, which can be used to prevent trembling in events such as shooting and archery.

In the 50-meter event, China's Tan Zongliang moves up to the silver and Russia's Vladimir Isakov is upgraded to the bronze.

AP reports that IOC medical commission chairman Arne Ljungqvist said he considered Kim guilty of "a deliberate intake" of a banned substance because of propanolol's specific benefit for shooters. Kim could face a ban of up to two years from the international shooting federation.

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