January 27, 2011

Other Garand Topics

We also had access to a carefully built, match-grade Garand. It easily and consistently put eight shots (not just three) of the mil-surplus ammo into groups smaller than 2.5 inches. With military-surplus match ammo, we put six into a group that measured 1.7 inches, on a bad-light day.

The most obvious differences about this rifle were its excellent trigger (5.25 pounds) and smooth-as-glass bolt operation. The rear sight had been bushed to give a smaller hole, and it required careful placement of the eye to get a clean view of the front sight. The front sight was filed or cut to NM specs, which resulted in a clean-edged and slightly thinner post as seen by the shooter.

This fine rifle let us know what a good Garand should feel like, and what they can do on the target. It gave us increased respect for all Garands. Also, we mention elsewhere that replacement stocks for these guns are available, but the CMP does not list them in the parts section of the CMP web site. Hoosier Gun Works has new stocks for $60 at its website, .

Elsewhere, we mention that Fulton Armory could perform glass bed- ding on Garands. For pricing, contact the firm at , (301) 490-9485.