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Marlin Model 30 AW Our Pick In A .30-30 Lever-Action Rifle

This Marlin was more accurate then its higher-priced brother, the Model 336 CS, and the Winchester Models 94 Legacy and 94 Ranger.

Deer rifle. Cowboy gun. Saddle carbine. The .30-30 lever-action rifle is well known, no matter what you call it. Whether you want a knock-about rifle for hanging in the back window of your pickup, slinging under your foot on a snowmobile, or to use for the serious work of knocking down your yearly supply of venison, the .30-caliber lever rifle is one handy tool.

Where does it shine? Actually, the lever-action rifle doesn’t really shine for much of anything, truth be told. Normally, today’s lever rifle isn’t known as a tack driver, but there are exceptions. Neither is the .30-30 an overwhelming powerhouse. Lever rifles tend to be reliable and, above…

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