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Drop-In .45 Replacement Barrels: Worth The Money and Trouble?

In some cases, we certainly think so. Our evaluation of several 1911 aftermarket products shows us that nearly any gun can benefit from a new tube. Which one? Find out below.

Left: The old Colt clunker became one of the
most accurate .45s by replacing its worn-out
tube with one from Ed Brown. The new barrel
made a 7-inch sprayer into a 1.3-inch shooter.

Ever wonder what effect the barrel of your .45 has on the gun’s overall accuracy? We suspect anyone who has ever fired a .45 ACP 1911 has wondered how much better his gun would shoot if he dropped a high-quality replacement barrel into it. Can such a transplant transform a 4-inch gun (best grouping capability at 25 yards) into a 2-inch gun?

We endeavored to answer this question, knowing one thing for sure: If a gun’s original barrel was poor, almost any new barrel would improve accuracy. But a bigger question we wanted to answer for the hard-core Gun Tests reader was how much difference would there be between a…

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