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Fire-Lapping: Is NECO’s Bore Treatment Kit Worth The Trouble?

We’ve read about fire-lapping for years, and some of us had dabbled in this black gunny art with home remedies. But until now we hadn’t tried one of these products. We liked it.

The NECO fire-lapping kit included lead slugs
űfor checking barrel smoothness and several
űgrits, which were embedded in the bullets by
űforcing the abrasive into the jackets.

Fire-lapping, a mechanical process designed to clean up rifles bores so they will shoot better and be easier to clean, has long intrigued us. If such products could indeed deliver generally better bore condition, then they would likely be worth the money and effort.

We decided to test one such product made by NECO, (707) 747-0897, short for Nostalgia Enterprises Co. Specifically, we got the “Pressure (Fire) Lapping Kit” from Brownells, (641) 623-4000. Although the kit is available with lead slugs in .22, 6mm and .30 caliber, it can be used on any rifle or handgun, and is supposed to be very effective in muzzleloaders. We specified .30 caliber (catalog…

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