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CZ-52 9mm Barrel Is A Winner; So Is Savage’s Long-Range Rifle

For less than $100, you can change out barrels in the .30 Tokarev pistol and shoot cheaper 9mm ammo. Also, Savage’s Model 12VSS sets a new standard for .308 rifles.

We collected another CZ-52 and tried the
û"" replacement 9mm barrel
ûand slide stop. The barrel worked well
ûwith hardball, and offered a viable way to
ûshoot two calibers from the same sturdy
ûplatform, but we didn't like the slide stop.

We periodically update articles that have appeared in Gun Tests. This month, we cover two items, one an aftermarket replacement barrel for a surplus pistol we liked, and the other a bargain .308 that outshoots guns that cost five times as much.

CZ-52 9mm Barrel Replacement, $85

In the September 2002 issue we reported on the CZ-52, and mentioned that it was possible to alter that roller-locked, .30-Tokarev pistol into a 9mm very easily, with just the replacement of the barrel unit. As a follow-up, we contacted the folks at “,” and obtained a brand-new 9mm barrel ($85, complete with roller assembly) to see how well it would work in our CZ.…

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