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Tiny and Not-so Tiny Forties: Kahr’s PM40 Is Our Carry Pick

For self-defense, we liked the PM40 better than the heavier, bulkier Springfield Sub-Compact XD and CZs new Rami.

Ray Ordorica found out that there are limits to what he’s willing to shoot in a small, powerful handgun. If a powerful handgun has small dimensions, the shooter can’t get his whole hand on the grip, so control can become a problem, depending on the load selected.
A short while back we tested some pretty small 9mm pistols, by Kahr and by Rohrbaugh. We particularly liked the Kahr PM9’s handling qualities, and the fact that it worked well as a back-up pistol. We noted Kahr produces a similar pistol in .40 S&W caliber, called the PM40. It seemed appropriate to try one, because anyone who liked the PM9 would probably welcome more power in a package nearly as small. But what to test it against? A brief and not-all-encompassing Internet search led us to the Springfield website, where we found the XD pistol available in .40 S&W and in a variety of colors. We also found another…

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