SIG P239 40 S&W Pistol Follow-Up Test


In the October 2021 issue of Gun Tests, Contributing Editor Robert Sadowski evaluated a SIG P239 chambered in 40 S&W.

We’ve shot that SIG a lot more, so we wanted to do a follow up video.

Here it is. You can see it’s empty and safe.

The hammer-fired pistol was a police trade-in that came with three steel single-stack magazines.

Veteran shooters noted its similarity to the original German P225, but they said the P239’s edges are more rounded for concealed carry.

The P239 has a DA/SA trigger with an exposed hammer and the typical SIG controls — a decocking lever, the slide stop, and the takedown lever.

The controls are best suited for a right-handed shooter.

The magazine release was the traditional thumb button located near the trigger guard.

In hand, the P239 feels a bit nose heavy, but it has a nice grip angle and felt comfortable.

The aluminum-alloy frame was made in Germany.

The slide was slightly tapered. The grip was thin due to the single-stack magazine well.

The grip is a textured two-piece black plastic piece that covers the back of the frame, but it left the front grip strap exposed.

The rear of the grip was smooth, with no sharp edges.

The front grip strap was finely checkered and provided a good grip, especially with the snappy 40 S&W.

The trigger had a smooth face.

Though the trigger pull was 9.7 pounds, it felt less.

Three white-dot sights provided a good sight picture.

The steel magazines were easy to load, even to the last round.

The plastic floor plates had a slight lip to hold your small finger.

There are only rear slide serrations on our P239, and they provided enough grip surface when manipulating the slide.

At the range, the P239 offered excellent control.

Recoil was pleasant due the design of the grip and the weight of the pistol.

In single-action mode, there was about a quarter-inch of take up and then slightly more press to fire the pistol.

We found right-handed users could decock the pistol using the thumb of our support hand or reposition the pistol in their shooting hand to press the lever.

This gun ran very well with no malfunctions.

Our recommendation: If you want to carry a gun chambered for the 40 Smith & Wesson round, look for one of these SIGs used, like this police trade-in.


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