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Polymer-Cased .223 Rem. AR-15 Ammo: Fantastic, or Just Plastic?

Traditionalists may recoil from shoving plastic into their chambers, but this product was safe, reliable, and accurate.

We tested three brands of .223 Remington and found out there was nothing to fear from loading PCA (polymer-cased ammunition) from NATEC, Inc. Accuracy was behind that of the Georgia Arms and Black Hills ammunition, but it did fly fast with the least recoil. The polymer ammo cost a little more than $5 per 20 rounds.
If you haven’t noticed, the AR-15 semi-automatic has become arguably the most popular rifle of modern times. Chambered in .223 Remington, or if you prefer 5.56mm NATO, its versatility is unmatched. Not only is the gun incredibly easy to shoot well, but chores such as field stripping, sight alignment and magazine unloading can be accomplished with only the tip of a bullet. For these chores it really doesn’t matter which ammunition you choose, but if carrying around large quantities of .223 is on your agenda, you might want to check out PCA Spectrum ammunition from Natec. …

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