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Long-Slide .45 ACP Pistols: Springfield and STI Tee It Up

Though the $2,000 STI Target Master was Our Pick, it cost twice as much as the Springfield Long Slide 6-inch .45, which we rated as a Best Buy despite some hiccups.

The STI Target Master should prove to be a favorite with Bullseye and PPC competitors who want a pistol that is competitive out of the box. Even without shooting a match target load, we still found it easy to produce 1.5-inch accuracy at 25 yards.
The long-slide 1911 pistol has never been the most popular version of the Browning design, but it does have distinct advantages that should interest many shooters. Barrel length for this model is typically 6.0 inches, and the slide that houses the longer tube serves to stretch the pistol’s sight radius. This makes life easier for older eyes and offers a better sight picture. As a result, Police Pistol Course (PPC) competitors and Bullseye shooters favor long-slide pistols. At one point, long-slide 1911s were also the hot setup for USPSA/IPSC Practical Shooting competition, but this fad has abated. Though usually the province of custom gun builders, two major manufacturers offer long-slide…

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