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Light, Powerful .44 Revolvers: Taurus Tracker Gets A+ Rating

The Tracker was a clear-cut choice for those who want a portable, powerful package. The lightweight Charter Pug earned an A-, but two costly S&W guns got B and C grades.

Some of the more useful handguns are those revolvers that take the .44 Special cartridge. They work well for hunting, self defense, and we know one shooter who used one to good effect in NRA matches. These revolvers include the .44 Magnum, but many .44 Mags are huge, heavy handguns designed to use the hottest loads in the longest barrels, for such efforts as hunting. While the big .44 is very good at that task, the other — probably more useful — side of the cartridge is as a general-purpose firearm for self defense or for the hiker or plinker who wants more power than the over-loud .357 Magnum. These…

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