Thompson/Center Arms Icon Is T/Cs First Bolt-Action Rifle

Icon is expected to roll out in June; Browning breaks down the lever-action rifle market; Remingtons XCS marine shotgun fights abrasion; and what to pack for a trip to Afghanistan.


Thompson/Center Arms, a Smith & Wesson company, has introduced the Icon, its first bolt-action centerfire rifle.

Thompson/Center Icon .30 TC


“While developing the Icon, our engineers and designers worked with numerous master gunsmiths, tactical shooters and hunters to better understand what features they desired in a premium bolt-action rifle,” said Gregg Ritz, President of Smith & Wesson Hunting.

Tthe first models of the Thompson/Center Icon will be available by June 2007. The initial models will be chambered in .22-250, .243, .308, and the new .30 TC (Thompson/Center) cartridge.

Featuring a 24-inch, button-rifled match-grade barrel, the Icon comes standard with a 5R rifling design, a 60-degree chamfered crown, a polished blue barrel with a solid-top receiver, and integral Weaver-style rails in front and behind the ejection port.

Elsewhere, the gun includes a uniform bedding block Interlok bedding system. This system uses three integral recoil lugs interlocking with the flat-bottom receiver and the aluminum bedding block.

At the rear of the CNC machined receiver, the Icon features a polished steel cocking indicator that has been integrated into the bolt sleeve, a full-diameter, three lug bolt that incorporates an


interchangeable bolt handle, 60-degree bolt lift and a skeletonized shroud. The rifles two-position safety allows the user to load and unload the rifle with the safety on. Another feature is the fully adjustable trigger that allows the user to adjust the trigger pull from 2.5 to 6 pounds without removing the rifle from the stock. Originally pre-set to 3 to 3.5 pounds, the trigger can be adjusted for initial take-up and over-travel as well.

The gun comes with an American walnut stock, 20-lpi borderless cut checkering, full-body jeweled bolt design, and a three-round, single stack detachable magazine. The gun will weigh 7.5 pounds.

Choke Tube Pouch

Hunters Specialties new Choke Tube Pouch (right) makes it easy for shooters and hunters to keep their selection of choke tubes organized and protected. The black nylon pouch has a zippered opening with elastic loops to hold six choke tubes. It also has a clip to allow it to be attached to a shooters bag or other gear. An outside zippered pocket is included to hold a choke tube wrench or other accessories. Suggested retail: $10.

Remingtons New Marine Shotgun

Remingtons proprietary TriNyte Black Corrosion Control System


purportedly makes the new 12-gauge Model 870 XCS (Xtreme Conditions Shotgun) Marine Magnum abrasion and rust resistant. All metal parts are coated with electroless nickel, and the trigger group is specially equipped to resist fouling and oxidation. Other features include a law-enforcement-style SpeedFeed I stock and R3 recoil pad with LimbSaver technology. The stock is equipped with a shell holder to keep up to four extra rounds. The gun has a 7-round capacity and 18-inch cylinder-bore barrel.

Browning Goes Smaller, Lighter,

Heavier, and To Pieces

The Browning Cynergy over/under shotgun line now includes 20 gauge, 28 gauge and 410 Bore models of the Classic Field and Classic Sporting series. Suggested retail, Classic Field: $2200. Suggested retail Classic Sporting: $3200.

Also added to the Cynergy line is the Cynergy Feather, which will weigh in at only 6 pounds. Feather suggested retail, $2359. Feather Composite, $2297.

The T-Bolt line reintroduced last year has a heavier entry for 2007: the T-Bolt Target/Varmint. The gun includes a 22-inch heavy target barrel. Retail price, $647.

For 2007, the Browning Lever Action Rifle, better known as the BLR, will be offered in two takedown models, one with a pistol grip, and one with a straight grip stock. An accessory scout scope mount allows the scope to stay with the barrel. Retail prices for the BLRs start at $832. GT

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