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New Original Henry Rifle Benefits Cody Firearms Museum

Davidson’s, one of the nation’s top firearms, optics, and accessories wholesalers, has partnered with Henry Repeating Arms, Baron Engraving, and the Cody Firearms Museum...

Sarsilmaz Introduces New SAR9 Compact Pistol

Sarsilmaz’s new SAR9 Compact pistol is built on the same platform as the SAR9, a pistol developed and carried by NATO forces. Todd Pearson, COO...

S&W Releases New M&P9 M2.0 Pistols

Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. has launched the latest expansion in its M&P M2.0 line of handguns with the newly enhanced M&P9 M2.0 Compact...

Bolt Actions in 300 BLK: CVA, Ruger, & Savage Shoot It Out

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. announced the initial production and shipment of Ruger-made Marlin lever-action rifles just over a year after acquiring the assets...

Federal Announces Monthly Subscriptions for Online Ammo

In an interesting move, Federal Ammunition has announced that a new limited-availability monthly subscription service has been added to its eCommerce capability. With this...

Gun Tests Master Index 1989 to 2023

  2023 HANDGUNS Items marked with an asterisk were listed in a Value Guide Beretta 21A Inox Bobcat 22 LR March 2023 Beretta 92x Performance Carry Optic J92XPCO21...

The Value of Ankle Med Kits

Reader field-tests the Rescue Essentials kit on the job for years and has some thoughts on its usefulness and drawbacks. Reader GW points out that some states have outlawed self-defense coverage.

April 2019 Short Shots: New Rifles for 2019

For 2019, Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. has introduced magnum models of the Ruger Precision Rimfire rifle and a new BX-15 Magnum magazine that accept 17 HMR and 22 WMR cartridges. Like its 22 LR predecessor, these new magnum offerings maintain the same ergonomics, trigger, and manual of arms as the larger centerfire Ruger Precision Rifle. The Ruger Precision Rimfire has a molded, one-piece chassis and adjustable buttstock assembly manufactured of glass-filled nylon.

March 2019 Short Shots: New Handguns for 2019

In celebration of the company's 100th anniversary, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc., has released a 9mm concealed-carry handgun: the Mossberg MC1sc (subcompact). Surprisingly, the company's first firearm design, called the Brownie, was a 22-caliber four-shot pocket pistol. The MC1sc is available in five initial 9mm offerings: the standard MC1sc and an optional cross-bolt safety version; two standard offerings with sighting systems (TruGlo Tritium Pro Night Sights or a Viridian E-Series Red Laser), and a Centennial Limited Edition with a production run limited to 1,000 commemorative models. After 100 years in business, Mossberg has grown to be the sixth-largest U.S. firearms manufacturer with more than 100 design and utility patents to its credit. The MC1sc reflects three years of development. Important features in a subcompact handgun are size, weight, caliber and carryability. The MC1sc has an overall length of 6.45 inches, weight of 19 ounces (with empty magazine), and a barrel length of 3.4 inches in the popular 9mm chambering. It comes with two single-stack magazines (one 6-round flush and one 7-round extended), has a glass-reinforced polymer frame, and suggested retail price of $421 for the two standard models.

Short Shots: February 2019

The American Rodeo Tribute Edition Rifle from Henry Repeating Arms is built on the company's Golden Boy platform and features images of popular rodeo events. Henry Repeating Arms debuted the American Rodeo Tribute Edition lever-action rifle in Las Vegas in December at the 2018 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, Cowboy Christmas, and the RMEF Hunter & Outdoor Christmas Expo. The imagery on the receiver cover and the stocks celebrate three staple rodeo events where contestants compete against the clock.

Short Shots

One of the changes I've seen in the firearms industry over the years is the timing of new-product introductions. Formerly, most companies rolled out their new lines at the end or the very beginning of the calendar year, in both cases to time with each year's Shooting Hunting & Outdoor Trade Show, better known as SHOT Show, generally held in January. That always seemed odd to me because it guaranteed new-product coverage would get trampled by the volume of similar coverage.

October 2018 Short Shots: New Guns and Gun Accessories

Humidity and moisture can affect your guns' performance and make cleaning difficult. The new Firearms Storage Pouch from Absorbits Ballistics deploys the company's patented Bone-Dri technology, developed to dry out smart phones that get dropped into water, and applies it to firearms.

‘Background Check’ Rule Is Coming For You

On April 11, 2024, the Biden Administration’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives issued a new rule to expand background-check requirements for private...