October 2018 Short Shots: New Guns and Gun Accessories


Viridian Introduces New X Series Gen 3 With Camera To Consumer Market

Viridian Weapon Technologies has expanded its X Series Gen 3 product line with the addition of a full-HD digital camera and microphone. The new X Series Gen 3 with Camera product line creates an entirely new category for personal protection, training, and recreational/competitive shooting. The first two products from the lineup — X5L Gen 3 Green Laser with Camera and XTL Gen 3 Taclight with Camera — have begun shipping and are now available for purchase online and at select retailers. “In 2017, we introduced the world’s first Weapon-Mounted Camera with a light and optional laser designed to clearly capture full-HD video and crisp audio from handguns and long guns,” said Viridian President and CEO Brian Hedeen. “This technology was developed specifically for law enforcement, addressing limitations officers can face with body cameras. The X5L Cam and XTL Cam are designed to give customers a convenient, high-tech solution for capturing footage while training, competing, defending, or just having fun.”

Viridian X Series Gen 3 With Camera

The X Series Gen 3 with Camera comes standard with a 500 lumen LED light, green laser (on X5L Cam), multiple operation modes and Viridian’s proprietary Instant-On technology, as well as a 1080p full-HD digital camera and microphone. The X5L Cam and XTL Cam feature 1920×1080 HD video, integrated microphone, removable/rechargeable battery and more. The X5L model also delivers a 5mW green laser sight (510-532nm). Both include a 2-year limited warranty.

Firearms Storage and Rescue Dry Pouch with Bone-Dri Technology

Bone-Dri technology

Humidity and moisture can affect your guns’ performance and make cleaning difficult. The new Firearms Storage Pouch from Absorbits Ballistics deploys the company’s patented Bone-Dri technology, developed to dry out smart phones that get dropped into water, and applies it to firearms. Each pouch is $30. We haven’t tested this yet, but it has promise if it works. The shooter can transport firearms and not worry if they are around moisture, such as during concealed carry, where your sidearm can get wet from perspiration. Just place it in the pouch and it will dry while you store it, the company says. If the gun is already wet, they advise wiping down all components of the firearm with a soft cloth, then place the unloaded and opened firearm and loose ammunition inside the Absorbits pouch. The firearm and ammunition should be dry in 6 hours. Of course, you can keep your firearm and ammunition in the pouch while not in use for protection against moisture in any environment. Available at Absorbits.com and Amazon.com.

Auto-Ordnance Releases “Vengeance” Custom WWII M1 Carbine

Auto-Ordnance’s newest WWII commemorative firearms rollout is the custom engraved “Vengeance” Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbine. This model features wood furniture engraved with images recalling December 7, 1941, the “Day of Infamy” when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the naval and air forces of Imperial Japan. The rear stock features highly detailed depictions of the attack on Pearl Harbor. On the opposite side is depicted the B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay, symbolizing the end of the war when the United States forced the surrender of the Imperial Japanese government. Engraved on the front handguard is a battle damaged American flag. The Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbine is a faithful reproduction of military models, with all-steel components, Parkerized finish, and walnut stocks. The “Vengeance” rifle gives shooters an opportunity to own a new firearm that is accurate, reliable and custom engraved to commemorate the M1’s role as a vital part of American Military History. The “Vengeance” M1 rifle is chambered in .30 caliber and features a custom engraved walnut stock and handguard. It ships with a 15-round magazine. The model number is AOM130C1 and it has an MSRP of $1391. Contact your local firearms dealer to purchase.

Auto-Ordnance Vengeance WWII M1 Carbine

Auto-Ordnance Vengeance WWII M1 Carbine

Wilson Combat Announces 300 HAM’R Cartridge

Wilson Combat 300 HAM’R Cartridge

Wilson Combat has announced its 300 HAM’R, an AR-15-length chambering that the company says will deliver near-308 Winchester effectiveness in the company’s WC15 rifle platform. Wilson says terminal-performance testing on more than 200 Texas feral hogs has proven it to kill much more effectively than the 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, 7.6239, or 300 Blackout. “Due to the optimization of bullet weight to barrel twist, accuracy has proven to be outstanding,” a company release said. “Sub-1-inch groups are the norm with multiple bullet choices for varying applications such as hunting, target shooting and tactical use.” Undoubtedly, shooters will want to see how the 300 HAM’R compares to the popular 300 Blackout or 7.6239, and WilsonCombat.com/300-hamr/ lists several ballistics comparison charts for the 300 HAM’R with 110- to 150-grain bullets.


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