Ed Brown’s Magazine Exchange Program Is Worth a Look

Ed Brown Products, Inc. is breaking new ground with its just-announced magazine exchange program.


“This looks like a good offer,” said Todd Woodard, editor of Gun Tests Magazine. “As we have seen repeatedly in tests of semi-auto handguns, the magazines are key to making self-defense pistols work reliably.

“So, in this offer, Ed Brown is allowing customers to send old magazines of any make to upgrade to an Ed Brown Performance Magazine of their choice for only $10! It is a one-to-one exchange, so for every single magazine sent in, the customer can select one Ed Brown magazine of his or her choice, up to 20 magazines per exchange.”

To participate, click here. The link leads to the offer on the Ed Brown website. The gun owner prints and completes a form to send in with your old magazines.

“We have done pistol-magazine tests in the past,” Woodard said, “but because the Ed Brown Performance Magazine is a new design, we haven’t tested this particular unit, so caveat emptor. But with the prospect of being able to change out older magazines that aren’t working any longer, this seems like a really smart deal.”

Woodard said the magazine has tested the Ed Brown 8-Pack Magazine with Base Pad, $37, in the October 2016 issue. “In that test, our shooting team wrote, ‘Available from MidwayUSA.com, fit, finish, and function of the Ed Browns were excellent. The firing tests were passed without incident, as well as the 12-months-loaded testing. Magazine spring tension, subjectively, was the strongest of the standard-length magazines. Feed reliability is good. The magazines passed all testing save for the drop test, when one of the two magazines lost two cartridges.'” The Ed Brown magazines earned an “A-” grade, Woodard said.

According to a release from the company, Black Nitride magazines are also included in the program for $15.

Sales and Marketing Director John May said, “It is our goal to provide our customers the highest quality products on the market. We are confident that if they try our products they will see for themselves that we are second to none.”

Click here to visit the Ed Brown website.

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