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Long-Barreled .44 Magnum Revolvers: Bravo for the Bull

Ready for field work at the right price, the Taurus Raging Bull is our first pick. Ruger’s Super Redhawk and the Smith & Wesson 629 Classic need simple upgrades, in our opinion.

Our more recent evaluations of .44-caliber revolvers have focused on service models designed primarily for law enforcement or personal self defense. In this test we will compare three large-framed long-barreled .44 Magnum revolvers that are best suited for hunting or competing in events that mimic hunting, such as steel-silhouette shooting. We narrowed this category by limiting our selection to double-action revolvers. Furthermore, each of our guns featured the longest barrel length available from their respective manufacturers.

Our three .44 Magnums were the $625 Taurus Raging Bull, Ruger's $888 Super Redhawk, and the $964 Smith & Wesson Model 629

Taurus Raging Bull Model 444B8
The $625 Taurus Raging Bull Model 444B8 was the only one of our three .44 Magnums that we thought was ready for the field straight out of the box. The sights were plain and clear and thanks to porting, heft, and a shock-absorbing grip, the Raging Bull was also the most comfortable to shoot, moreso than Ruger’s $888 Super Redhawk (top inset) and the $964 Smith & Wesson Model 629 Classic (bottom inset). In the Taurus, the most accurate round was Federal’s 300-grain Cast Core Vital Shock ammunition, which was responsible for this group. Our shooters scrawled “Most Fun” above the Taurus’s target.
Classic. Both the Taurus and Smith & Wesson revolvers carried 8.4-inch barrels.…

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