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9mm Semi Shootout: DA or SA? We Like Stoeger’s Cougar 8000

The Charles Daly HP echoes some of the positive traits of the more expensive Browning Hi-Power—but also suffers from some dated design choices. The Cougar quietly does a lot very well.

We just learned that Charles Daly has discontinued its HP model ($550 MSRP), a close copy of the Browning Hi-Power. Used Browning Hi-Powers go for $750 or so. New, they're $922 on up. The Daly HP commonly sells in the neighborhood of $350 on the street. So if you could get a decent version of the Hi-Power 9mm single action for that amount, it might well be all the Hi-Power you need. We've had a Charles Daly HP (Daly never calls it a Hi-Power on the gun's markings or in the manual) on hand, waiting for a suitable test matchup. Because of its recent discontinuation, we thought you might like…

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