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Fun Rimfire Semiauto Handguns From Ruger, Magnum Research

Ruger’s $380 Charger is a fun place to start, and the now-discontinued but still readily available $695 Magnum Research PiCuda points to the potential of the pistol/rifle concept.

In this evaluation we will test two guns that are difficult to categorize. They are listed as being pistols but some people call them hand rifles. The guns in question are the $380 Ruger Charger CHR22-10, and the $695 Magnum Research Picuda MLP22BN. Each is a 22LR semiautomatic with 10-inch barrel, and with an action based on Ruger's aluminum 10/22 rifle action. Both guns plant the action inside a laminate stock with an extended grip that is flared at the butt to stabilize contact with the ground or shooting bench. Neither gun arrived with sights, but they were fitted with a Weaver scope mount. Each gun fed from

The basis for both the $380 Ruger Charger, right, and the $695 Magnum Research PiCuda, lower right, is the Ruger 10/22 action. The PiCuda (Pistol Barracuda) was more refined, but the Ruger Charger was just as accurate in most cases. One small feature unique to the Charger was a single sling stud mounted on the underside of the stock. Ruger also supplied a first-class bipod to attach to the swivel as well a monogrammed soft case. We mounted a Leatherwood HiLux ES1X30mm Tactical electronic red dot scope and had a ball with both guns. But at half the price of the PiCuda, we think the Ruger Charger is a steal.
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