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Three Single-Shot Rifles from CVA and H&R in 308 and 30-06

The Scout from CVA in 30-06 shot 3-inch-and-bigger groups, which we didn’t think was good enough. LIkewise, the Apex had indifferent accuracy in 308. But we’d buy H&R’s Ultra 308.

The concept of a single-shot rifle for modern usage goes back quite a few years. Despite the advent of repeating firearms, the single-shot rifle has always held its own, from the Sharps down to the H&R Ultra rifle tested here. Many makers have put together some very fine and also some not-so-fine single shots on a great variety of actions. This test looks at three relatively simple rifles. Two of them are from CVA in the form of the 308-caliber Apex CR4502S ($652) and the less-expensive Scout in 30-06 ($340). We

From the top are the 308-caliber Apex CR4502S and the H&R 1871 Ultra Hunter, then the CVA Scout in 30-06. The H&R beat the Spanish-made CVAs in accuracy.
also acquired one of the U.S.-made H&R 1871 Ultra Hunters in 308 (SB2-808, MSRP $374). We tested the 308s…

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