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A Trio OF M14s: Springfield, Fulton Armory, Polytech Custom

Springfield’s M1A was great, but Fulton Armory’s M14 was greater. If you have a Polytech M14S, upgrading might be worth it—our customized model had all its bugs worked out.

In the world of 308 auto-loading rifles, the M14 and its look-alikes reign just about supreme. They have it all, looks, power, function, capacity, plus a great variety of stock and accessory configurations from wood to all manner of polymer that can convert an M14 or M1A into just about any configuration you might want, particularly if you have deep pockets. In this test we look at

Springfield Armory M1A
From left, the Springfield Armory M1A, the custom Polytech M14S with G.I. stock, and the Fulton Armory M14. The scoped Polytech was also shot with iron sights, but we reported the scope results to show what one of these rifles can do. We thoroughly enjoyed all three of these rifles, and suspect you will too, no matter which setup you go for.
three wood-stocked versions, a remanufactured Chinese-actioned Polytech M14/S that was converted several years ago by Fulton Armory into a mostly GI-part rifle (about $1900), a new Fulton Armory M14 ($2755), and an M1A from Springfield Armory ($1739). The M14/S was fitted with a…

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