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Kimber, CZ Compete: 22 LR Conversions for Centerfire Guns

For this test we secured conversions for the CZ 75, called the Kadet Adapter, $412, and the Kimber Rimfire Target conversion for 1911s, $330. We like both units for low-priced shooting.

The concept of shooting 22 LR ammo in centerfire handguns goes back a long way. The Germans had a system for the Luger when centerfire ammunition was mighty scarce between the two World Wars. These conversion units consisting of an insert barrel, a different toggle mechanism, and suitable magazines. Insert barrels were also used on the Walther PP at that time to fire a low-power 4mm round, presumably

Above: The Kimber Target and CZ Kadet both transformed fine centerfire autos into just-as-fine rimfire pistols. Both systems worked very well with a variety of ammo and provided excellent accuracy. We highly recommend these for anyone with the guns that can use them.
for indoor gallery use. These 4mms were one-shot deals, the round not having enough power to run the slide, so you had to work it by hand. Also pre-WWII or shortly thereafter were some conversions for the 1911 45 autos involving a…

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