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Shotgun Defense Choices: We Pick Two Fiocchi Loads

Fiocchi’s soft-shooting buckshot load was easy to handle and offered devastating patterns along with a super-low price. The slug had plenty of penetration, good accuracy — and a low price.

In this installment of our continuing tests of personal-defense loadings, we had to don our thinking caps. Shotgun shells are far different in performance than a handgun cartridge or rifle round. The standards are different as there is no X ring or group to measure. The density of the pattern is the primary consideration. Measuring the effectiveness of buckshot is simple as regards measuring a pattern, but a buck-and-ball load would be another matter. Slugs are

Our raters included this young soldier we drafted in between active-duty tours. She preferred the Federal reduced-recoil PD loads shown in the target silhouette. However, our entire test team preferred two well-performing and affordable loads from Fiocchi. Top is the Fiocchi Reduced Recoil Ammunition 12 Gauge 2.75-In. 00 Buckshot, only $6.29 for a box of 10 at (#482134). Middle is the Fiocchi Low Recoil 1-oz. Exacta Aero Slug No. 12LRSL, also affordable at $7.95 per 10 shells. Bottom: The Fiocchi slug was the first tested. We got wet shooting it into water jugs. It was a real eye-opener that provided impressive results.
another area of concern. …

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