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Is Ruger’s New Gunsite Scout Rifle a Pretender, or Contender?

Jeff Cooper’s scout-rifle concept was intended to be an all-round light bolt-action. Does the Gunsite Scout do the idea justice? We find out by pitting the newbie against an original Steyr Scout.

Some decades back, the late John Dean "Jeff" Cooper came up with a concept for what he ultimately called a "scout rifle." This was intended to be an all-around rifle, capable of being used for hunting, but especially useful for the lone military scout (an ancient term). The precise details of this light bolt-action rifle concept have been listed here and there over the years. Some of the specs included 308 caliber, minimal length and weight, a forward-mounted scope, possible provisions for clip loading, a

Steyr’s package included the Leupold Scout Scope shown, with heavy duplex crosshairs. The Ruger came with 5- and 10-round magazines, plus good aperture sights, but no scope nor sling. The Ruger was more than a pound heavier than the Steyr. The Ruger’s price was actually about half that of the Steyr. The lengths were the same, but the Ruger’s actual barrel length was significantly shorter.
suitable sling, and numerous other features that had great value to the late Mr. Cooper and his fans. After years of searching for the best…

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