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Three Big 9mms: Sig Sauer P6 Does It All, at a Great Price

One of the problems of testing surplus guns is availability. When we test, the market may be flush with a certain model, then they disappear. That’s the case here with the excellent Sig.

In a happy break from our testing of tiny 9mm handguns, we took up the mantle of trying a few that border on, or maybe exceeded the envelope of, too-big nines. We acquired a trio of surplus guns from Southern Ohio Gun, fondly known as SOG, in the form of a Croatian, a Hungarian, and a German. They were all somewhat used, but not badly abused. The guns are the PHP Model MV ($200), the FEG P9M ($260), and the Sig Sauer P6 ($350). Please note that all these older test guns are not always still available by the time we get them and test them, write it all up…

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