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All-Purpose 357 Mag Stainless Revolvers: Taurus Versus Ruger

The Ruger GP100 was well made, but you wouldn’t have to twist our arms to convince us to buy the Taurus Model 66 instead.

We wanted to take a look at 357 Magnum double-action revolvers with 4-inch barrels and adjustable sights because these handguns are so versatile. They can be juiced up with hot 357 Magnum ammo to hunt black bear from a tree stand or kept in the night stand drawer for home defense. They also allow for plenty of training with less powerful 38 Special ammunition, or they can be used competitively in an IDPA match.

The Taurus Model 66 (No. 66SS4, $591, right) and Ruger GP100 (No. 1705, $759) have different design philosophies. The 66 has a frame that uses a side plate, and the GP100 has a one-piece frame. The latch for the Taurus is opened by pushing it, the Ruger is pinched. The other major difference is the added capacity of the 66; it’s a seven-shooter.

Two such wheelguns that fit this description are the Ruger GP100 No. 1705 357 Magnum, $759; and the Taurus Model 66 No. 66SS4 357 Magnum, $591. Both have transfer-bar firing systems, wherein the blow from the hammer…

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