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Pistol Lasers: Guide-Rod, Rail Models Tested Head to Head

Why add a laser to your carry handgun? Well, sometimes the self-defense shooter is not able to extend his arms and put the sights between the shooter’s eye and the target.

Stance, grip, trigger control, and sight alignment are widely recognized as fundamentals necessary for accurate shooting. But what about when firing from a cramped position, where the shooter is not able to extend his arms and put the sights between the shooter’s eye and the target? One answer is to rely on a laser unit to project the desired point of impact. Other advantages to laser aiming would be maintaining full vision of the field of threat and not having to rely on one’s near vision to define an adequate sight picture.

This is a shot you never want to have to make: A head shot on a home invader with human shield from a measured distance of 44 feet through the crack of two opened doors and past the corner of a wall. That’s the green dot from our $349 LaserMax LMS-UNI-G rail-mounted laser projected in pulse mode. The target picture was taken in a room lit by sunshine through open blinds with a chandelier fully lit. LaserMax guide rods are factory zeroed for 20 yards, but the rail units can be zeroed for any distance so they can be customized to match the dimension of your home’s interior or exterior lot. The “hostage” target is a United States Coast Guard CG-2 from

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