An Amusing and Useful Idea from Mark LaRue, Owner of LaRue Tactical

Remote view with an iPhone and FaceTime


Here’s an amusing and useful idea from Mark LaRue, owner of LaRue Tactical. He posted it on the forum if you want to read the whole string:

LaRue, posting as ML, wrote: “Okay iPhone users, I had me a long distance shower idea this morning. If 2 guys at the range both have iPhones, take one down range, point it at your 1,000 yard target, FaceTime call the other phone, go back and start shooting. Watch hits on phone, hang up when you’re done.”

In a later part of the discussion, he added:

I already tried it out with Mrs. L …

Me: “Mrs. L, can you see the target I am pointing my phone at?”

Mrs. L: “Uh, yes…”

Me: “Can you see the bullet holes plainly?”

Mrs. L: “Hey genius, is your phone backed up?”

I took it as some sort of marksmanship slam.


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