Bushnell Introduces New Equinox Night Vision Optics


(GunReports.com) — The new Bushnell Equinox series of night vision monoculars allow you to see even in zero ambient light. Equinox night vision monoculars are popular for wildlife watching, hunting, landowner security, or any other nighttime activity.

The Equinox series includes Generation 1 and 2 digital models, all featuring water-resistant housings that meet IXP-4 waterproof specifications.

The compact 2x28mm Generation 1 model features true two times power magnification and bright clear optics. It has a bright infrared (IR) illuminator and battery life up to six hours. At just under 9 ounces, these digital models are available in 4x 40mm and 6x 50mm configurations.

They also have a unique feature called Dual Image Output, which allows users to switch from a black and white image to green with the press of a button. The black and white is optimal when some ambient light is available, either at dusk or dawn or under bright moonlight while the green screen is ideal for almost-dark to completely dark conditions. The human eye sees more shades of green than any other color, making the green image 30 percent more effective in dark conditions.

Both digital models have two integrated polarized filters to defuse the intense beam of light and make it more natural to the eye. The screen brightness and image contrast are both adjust for optimal viewing.

Each device is tripod mountable and includes integrated accessory rails for adding a light to dramatically extend the viewing range.


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