Champion Introduces Line Of Eye And Ear Protection


ONALASKA, Wis. – Champion now offers comfortable, stylish shooting glasses and hearing protection. From soft silicone gel plugs (MSRP: $1.99) to standard or electronic muffs (MSRP: $17.99-$35.49) Champion expands their reputation for safety and protection. Available spring 2008.

The silicone gel plugs feature a firm inner stem for insertion into ear. Available in either individual corded with case or a 4-pack, non-corded options, these gel plugs provide great protection at an affordable price. Champion’s new ear muffs deliver a NRR of 27 decibels (passive/standard) and 26 decibels (electronic) while remaining light and comfortable for the shooter. The electronic model also provides amplification of sounds. Both muffs feature a collapsible design for easy storage and an adjustable headband for best fit.

Champion also unveils their new DSP™ line of behind-the-ear (MSRP: $328.49) and in-the-ear (MSRP: $405.99/single ear) digital hearing protection. As the ultimate in comfort and protection, Champion’s DSP series are ideal for warm weather days and perfect for shooters who feel constricted wearing muffs. These digital offerings are a lightweight way to prevent hearing loss and deliver a NRR of 26 decibels for loud noises and a 25 decibel amplification of quiet sounds. Now shooters can catch every word at the range and every sound in the woods while still enjoying protection from harmful muzzle blasts.

Champion’s also defends a shooter’s vision with new shooting glasses designed for maximum comfort and protection. The frames come in a variety of colors and feature sharp, image-enhancing lenses available in clear, yellow, orange and smoke tint. Available in a variety of models, each frame adjusts for best fit and features a “smart-fold” design that folds down without damaging lenses. With a safety rating of Z87.1, all Champion shooting glasses are OSHA compliant and feature 99.9% UVA/UVB protection and scratch-resistant lenses.

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