Cheaper Than Dirt! Asks Customers: Are You Buying Guns? Tell Us Why


( — A recent post on’s “Shooter’s Log” blog has generated hundreds of customer comments in response to a simple question: “Are You Buying Guns? Tell Us Why.”

Andrew Sypien,’s content director, said, “Cheaper Than Dirt! recently appeared in a national Fox News story about gun buyers stocking up. Everyone is asking why sales have been so strong for so long.”

To get answers, Sypien’s staff compiled several recent gun-buying stories from across the country and then asked the Cheaper Than Dirt! customer base: “If you’re prepping guns and stuff, please leave a comment below telling us what’s driving your personal purchases.”

Sypien said, “As a company, Cheaper Than Dirt! is not trying to be intrusive in the shooting and buying habits of our customers. We ask these questions to better learn what are the needs of our customers and then try to meet those needs by purchasing the right products and maintaining inventory.”

More than 800 customers responded, with “guns are fun to shoot,” “worries about confiscation/regulation,” and “preparation for self-defense” being the main customer-cited motivations.

“Additionally, we want to learn why they buy and provide them with additional information about the reasons for their purchases,” Sypien said. “Our staff uses this information to help focus our writing efforts to appeal to the customer.”

Cheaper Than Dirt! customer comments (the comment number in the blog is cited) included:

12. With so much government involvement in everything we do in this world today, nothing gives me a sense of freedom more than shooting guns.

118. An economic meltdown and the resulting riots we saw in England last year is a more likely thing to happen if we can’t get our economy and employment on track.

525. I not only served in the military for many years and as an armed Federal Flight Deck Officer, but I lived, worked, and lectured in New York, Washington, Geneva, Paris, Lisbon, Brussels, the Philippines, the Caribbean, Germany, and China. Plus I served as a volunteer lobbyist at the United Nations and attended meetings on international small-arms limitations. Believe me… there is a movement of gargantuan proportion to disarm every man and woman on the face of the earth.

546. I’ve always been a collector, but you don’t have to be a “gun nut” to see that guns are like precious metals. They’re a form of currency that won’t be affected in an economic collapse.

685. I am a gun enthusiast. I served 9 years w/USMC (enlisted) and 16 US Navy (officer). Served 2 combat tours. Growing up, I was taught to handle guns and to respect them. I enjoy shooting.

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