‘Firefly’ Night Sight Upgrade


(GunReports.com) — WrenTech Industries, LLC, manufacturer of the Advantage Tactical Sight and other firearms accessories, says its Firefly Night Sight Upgrade is now shipping.

“The Firefly Night Sight technology will give tactical, personal-defense and target shooters a new advantage in low-light to no-light conditions,” said Richard Nasef, president of WrenTech Industries and inventor of the Advantage Tactical Sight.

The Firefly inserts incorporate chemical and manufacturing technologies to produce a bright, long glowing night sight. The Firefly night sight will swap out with any of Advantage Tactical’s standard nylon front sights, presenting a vertically aligned pyramid sight picture.

Out of the package, the Firefly will require charging before use. The yellow and green spectrum base colors will change color slightly as they are exposed to a strong light source while charging. For the first charge, allow the sight to charge for at least five minutes.

After that, any time the glow appears to diminish, a 2-second hit with a tactical light will bring it back. A freshly charged Firefly will spike very bright, and then settle down to maintain a plateaued glow for many hours. The glow becomes increasingly more apparent as the environment becomes darker.

The Advantage Tactical Firefly Sight Upgrade is compatible with most holsters and provides better visibility in extreme weather conditions. It is windage and elevation adjustable.

The new Advantage Tactical Firefly Sight Upgrade is available now online for $36 (package includes 2 Fireflies: yellow spectrum and green spectrum). When purchasing a Firefly Sight with any other Advantage Tactical Sight, the Firefly MSRP is $31 (must purchase gun sight and Firefly sight together).


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