Real Avid Offers New Gun Cleaning, Assembly, and Gun DIY Tools


Real Avid continues to roll out DIY tools and gun-cleaning products for dedicated firearms enthusiasts. They recently introduced more do-it-yourself tools and packs to help you keep your guns in tiptop shape.

Bore-Max Speed Jags & Patches Multi-Cal Pack

The Speed Jags in the Bore-Max Speed Jags & Patches Multi-Cal Pack feature longer shanks than standard jags to deliver up to four times more bore contact surface than traditional jags. Used with Real Avid’s no-bunching Speed Jag Patches, this system means fewer patches are required to remove stubborn bore fouling. The precision-sized Speed Jags are nickel plated to prevent chemical breakdown and to ensure longer life than standard jags. The kit includes 10 jags: 6 rifle jags covering 22 caliber through 7.62mm and four handgun jags in 22, 380/9mm, 40, and 45 calibers. Also included are 500 Speed Jag Patches.

Bore-Max Speed Brushes Multi-Cal Pack

Real Avid Speed Jags and Brushes

The new Bore-Max Speed Brushes Multi-Cal Pack includes 10 brushes (6 rifle and 4 handgun) covering the same calibers as the Speed Jag kit. These double-density brushes are nickel plated to last longer and to resist chemicals better than standard brushes. To keep the Bore-Max Speed Jags and Speed Brushes Multi-Cal Packs handy on the bench and portable for the range, each kit come in a durable container with a built-in tilt-up tray.

Accu-Grip Steel Picks

Real Avid Accu-Grip Steel Picks

The Accu-Grip Steel Picks have stainless-steel construction and ergonomic, soft-touch textured handles. The kit includes five picks with two tip shapes per pick for a total of 10 pick options, featuring several variations of pointed, flat, and angled picks. Whether you are scraping tough carbon fouling in sharp corners, dabbing grease onto hard-to-reach trigger components, or prying out obstructions, the Accu-Grip Steel Picks get the job done. And for easy storage on the bench or in the range bag, the picks come in a handy snap-in-place tray.

Front Sight Adjuster Pro

Real Avid Front Sight Adjuster Pro

Whether you are a practiced AR-15 marksman or simply need to establish zero on your backup sights, you will inevitably wrestle with your front sight post. The new Real Avid Front Sight Adjuster Pro is designed for AR fans who favor the simplicity and broad aiming solution of standard A1 and A2 open sight systems but struggle with the front sight’s spring-and-detent elevation adjustment design. The new Front Sight Adjuster Pro solves this problem with its ergonomic grip similar to that of an automotive key. It provides the maximum control and leverage needed to depress the front sight detent and easily rotate the sight to raise or lower bullet impact when zeroing.
This tool features a new longer design and for both four and five-pin ends, making it compatible with A1 and A2 front sights as well as flip-up backup-style sights from companies like HK, Troy and Magpul. Included with the sight adjuster is a compact, snap-in storage module with an integrated lanyard slot to prevent loss. This low-footprint tool takes up negligible space in your range bag, so toss it in and you’ll never have to make sight adjustments with a bullet tip again.

AR-15 Pivot Pin Tool-Pro

Real Avid AR-15 Pivot Pin Tool-Pro

Do-it-yourself AR-15 builders know that the most aggravating and often infuriating part of a lower receiver build is installing pivot pin assembly. Pressing the spring and detent into the receiver while simultaneously moving the pivot pin into place can be an exercise in extreme frustration (not to mention the risk of small parts shooting across the shop). The new AR-15 Pivot Pin Tool-Pro is an all-metal, multi-component tool that makes short work of any pivot pin installation (or removal). Simply place the fixture onto the receiver, insert the PPT pin, load the spring and detent through the fixture and into the receiver, and depress the assembly with detent plunger. The spring and detent are then safely captured by rotating the PPT pin 90 degrees. At this point, the pivot pin can be driven into the receiver and the PPT removed. Easy. Done.


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