Federal Premium Partners with Barnes on New Hyper-Velocity Loads


Federal Premium Partners with Barnes on New Hyper-Velocity Loads

ANOKA, Minn. – Federal Premium and Barnes Bullets announce the new Barnes Tipped Triple-Shock X-Bullet offerings feature a Delrin tip and hyper-velocities for extremely flat shooting. Available fall of 2008.

This lead-free bullet is a proven performer in the field, and offers improved expansion and deep penetration. The new Barnes offering is an extremely accurate bullet specially designed to reduce pressure and barrel fouling. Its all-copper design provides high weight retention to bring game down hard and the new tip gives it flatter trajectories.

“Barnes has always been a great partner,” said Ammunition Brand Manager Rick Stoeckel. “Their products are proven performers, and the Tipped Triple-Shock is no exception. The new tip makes the all-copper projectile a flat-shooting, accurate round, yet keeps the high weight retention the Triple-Shock is known for.”

Another added bonus of the Tipped Triple-Shock is that the new loads feature lighter weight bullets pushed to high-velocities—up to 3500 fps. Because of the all-copper design and 100% weight retention of the Triple-Shock, lighter bullets do the work of the big boys and allow for higher speeds. These offerings will get the bullet downrange quickly—meaning more energy on target and impressive terminal performance.

Available in 2008:

Part No.Description
P270WSMF – 270 WSM 110-gr Tipped Triple-Shock 3500 fps
P270Q – 270 Win 110-gr Tipped Triple-Shock 3400 fps

P300WSMK – 300 WSM 130-gr Tipped Triple-Shock 3500 fps
P300WL – 300 Win Mag 130-gr Tipped Triple-Shock3500 fps

For more information on the Tipped Triple-Shock, as well as the complete Federal Premium lineup, visit www.federalpremium.com.


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