New Browning & Winchester Handgun Ammo


Hey Gun Tests Readers. This is Todd Woodard, editor of Gun Tests Magazine here at SHOT Show 2019. I’m here with Bill Stopinski, manufacturer’s rep with Browning, and he’s going to tell us about a couple of new loads they have. Bill, let us know about this 38.

Bill: Yes, this is really exciting. What Browning did here is actually a combination of a snake and varmint load.

There’s a lot of handgun rounds out there, specifically in your 38s and such, which just have the little BB’s in there. What we did – we actually took a couple of discs in a 38 round and sandwiched the BB’s between.

What that does is it gives you a lot more energy and lot more oomph behind this round. So for shooting snakes, for shooting varmints, or anything on the trail, you’ll be safe.

You know, Browning is an outdoors company, and we’ve got something here now that you can to the outdoors with you.

And in addition to our 38 round, we’ve also added 10mm in our Defender Personal Protection series of products. That’s going to be a 180-grain bullet. And then, on top of that, what I really like is we’ve got 10mm in our classic USA Winchester full metal jacket, which is really nice because it’s affordable, fun to shoot, and very nice recoil.

Todd: Bill, thank you very much for running us through those things. We hope that those two rounds do well for folks.

B: Enjoy.

T: Thank you.



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