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Rock Island Armory STK100 9mm Luger

Out of the box, the STK100 has a lot going for it. It has a great trigger, comes optics ready, features a low bore axis, produces decent accuracy, and is compatible with some Glock Gen3 mags. It is also reasonably priced, reliable, and it did not rattle apart.

Kahr K9 9mm Luger

The iconic K9 has been around since 1995, but it seems to have gotten lost among the polymer-frame pistols made by Kahr.

Interarms Swiss-Style Mauser Eagle 9mm Luger

We started the test at the beginning of the design. This Luger is a post-WWII model manufactured by Mauser and imported by Interarms in the 1970s.

Ruger Super Redhawk 5501 44 Magnum

Introduced in 1987, supposedly as a replacement for the Ruger Redhawk, both large-framed revolvers are still in the Ruger line up — proof positive that the large-bore wheel gun is alive and well with American shooters.

Colt Anaconda Anaconda-SP8RTS 44 Magnum

Once a stalwart of the American firearms industry, Colt Manufacturing has had issues in recent decades, to the point where we sometimes doubted its survival as a viable business.

Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 629 Hunter 170318 44 Magnum

When we compare the S&W Model 629 Hunter to an older Model 29 we have in house, it appears that Smith & Wesson mostly used the same frame as on the older version.

SIG Sauer P229 Elite-Compact E29R-9-BSE 9mm Luger

The P229 is a conventional double-action-first-shot pistol with an exposed hammer and hammer spur.

Langdon Tactical Technology LTT Beretta 92 Elite LTT-92C-TJ-OP15 9mm Luger

LTT is the company founded by noted competition shooter Ernst Langdon.

Kriss Sphinx SDP Compact S4-WSDCM-E018 9mm Luger

Manufactured in Switzerland, the Sphinx is a highly upgraded version of the CZ 75 Compact pistol.

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CZ 83 380 ACP

Along with the Beretta 84 Cheetah, the CZ 83 was among the first high-capacity 380 Auto pistols. We find the workmanship on the used CZ pistol to be good, despite wear and cosmetic problems. The pistol is all steel.

Tisas Fatih B380 F380B 380 ACP

We have seen these pistols on sale for $385, others at $479. Like the Beretta 84 it’s based on, the pistol uses an open-top slide, a double-action trigger operated by an external drawbar, and a high-capacity 13-round magazine.


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