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Taylor’s & Company Devil Anse RC1/555161 45 Colt

Taylor’s lists the revolver at $587 for the standard version and $784 for the tuned version. Current retail is a bit higher in most shops, and we had to pay $625 for our example.

Cimarron Model No. 3 Schofield Wells Fargo CA850 45 Colt

This is a storied revolver. The Smith & Wesson top-break revolvers were an alternative to the Colt Single Action Army. They offered a top-break system that ejected all spent cases automatically and was much easier to load quickly.

Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 13389 10mm Auto

The Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 was, slightly, the more accurate of the two 10mms tested. Though a very subjective thing, we felt the S&W had the lighter recoil impulse, and the shooting results testified to that.

Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 3.8 Compact OSP XDME93810CBOSP 10mm Auto

Springfield Armory has a wonderful reputation of modernizing venerable weapons, thereby making them suitable for the latest production methods and the latest shooters. The company also works with some of the most current types of firearms.

Special Report: FN America FNS-40 Service Bulletin

One of the used pistols, an FN FNS-40, performed well, but as we were researching aftermarket sights and backstrap modules for it, we came across an important FN Service Bulletin issued in 2021. It didn’t look good. Under certain conditions, the FNS could delay fire. According to the Service Bulletin:

SAAMI Accepts 30 Super Carry As New Standardized Cartridge

NEWTOWN, Conn. – The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute,® Inc., (SAAMI®) has announced the acceptance of a new pistol cartridge for SAAMI standardization. 30 Super...

Smith & Wesson M&P 30 Super Carry Shield EZ 13458

We paid $431 for the 30 Super Carry pistol. Many paid more than $500 for the first few to hit dealer shelves. This pistol seems identical to the 9mm EZ in every dimension.

Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield EZ M2.0 12436 9mm Luger

On average, the 9mm EZ guns are more expensive than the 380 ACP pistol. The 9mm Shield EZ is slightly larger and heavier than the 380 ACP version.

Shield M&P 380 Shield EZ 180023 380 ACP

Recoil is a concern for some shooters, so this Smith & Wesson Shield EZ is a 380 ACP pistol large enough to be a joy to fire.

Colt MK V Peacekeeper 357 Magnum

We located this 6-inch-barrel Peacekeeper in a pawn shop. The revolver shows very little wear and seems in good condition. The Colt MK V was introduced in 1986 as an improvement over the Colt MK III Trooper series.

Ruger GP100 No. 1707 357 Magnum

We purchased this revolver a year ago in anticipation of accumulating four revolvers for testing.

Colt Python PYTHON-SP6WTS 357 Magnum

The 42-ounce heavy underlugged Python is a distinctive revolver. The stainless-steel finish is good, without any flaw. The cut of the cylinder and ejector rod differs from the original in a pleasant modern fashion.

Fruits of Bruen

A couple of issues ago (August 2022), I wrote in this space about the earth-shaking effect that the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision would have...