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Citadel M1911A1-CS CIT9MMCSP 9mm Luger

Gun Tests Grade: B (BEST BUY) $479 The Citadel 9mm is a 1911 type that operates in the same manner as the Ruger and the Tisas Commander, but it has the shortened slide and grip frame of the Officer’s Model, so it isn’t a Commander. The pistol features the Parkerized finish common to Philippine-produced 1911 […]

Traditions 1873 Rawhide Rancher PVC SAT73-22250 22 LR

Gun Tests Grade: A- $229 When we first looked at Tradition’s 22 revolvers, we discovered the previous 22 single-action was discontinued in favor of the version illustrated. It should be noted that the Italian gun makers often offer widely differing variations on the same basic revolver. A centerfire single-action revolver with a brass frame for […]

Smith & Wesson SW1911 Pro Series 178020

Gun Tests Grade: A- $1249 Our Smith & Wesson Pro Series uses a black finish on a stainless-steel slide, but the frame is scandium. The three-dot sights, while not pure Novak, are definitely a Novak style that provides a fast, clean sight picture. The S&W’s extractor is external and employs a large beveled hook. All […]

SIG Sauer Ultra Compact W1911U-45-BSS 45 ACP

Gun Tests grade: A (Our pick) $949 A number of years ago, we saw SIG Sauer jump into the 1911 market in a big way. Numerous models were offered and proceeded to earn quite a reputation. We have recently seen them pare down the list of pistols in current production, and our sample is one […]

Heritage Rough Rider RR22MB6 Combo 22 LR/22 WMR

Gun Tests Grade: A (Best Buy) $250 This Rough Rider is readily available at many outlets, usually the 45⁄8-inch-barrel version with only the 22 LR cylinder. The revolver illustrated , however, was supplied with a 22 Magnum cylinder. We found it new on the shelf and went with it. The cylinder was handy and available […]

Ruger Wrangler No. 2004 22 LR

Gun Tests Grade: A- $250 The Wrangler revolver illustrated is one of three cerakote finishes available. We tested the No. 2003 version in the June 2020 issue. Ruger designed the Wrangler around the Ruger Single Six in dimensions. The grips are the same, and the Wrangler will fit Ruger Single Six holsters. The Ruger Wrangler […]

Chiappa 1873 No. 340.250 22 LR

Gun Tests Grade: C $185 The Chiappa single-action revolver features a 10-shot cylinder. It is larger than two of the other revolvers tested because the Chiappa 1873 is closer to the Colt Single Action/Ruger New Vaquero frame size. Because the revolver is constructed of non-ferrous alloys, it remains light for the size. The Chiappa, then, […]

Ruger SR1911 Officer Stainless 06762

Gun Tests Grade: B $979 Well known (and justifiably so) for their 10/22s, single-action pistols, and 22 autos, as well as their centerfire rifles, Ruger got into the 1911 game a bit late — just about 100 years after Colt — but they have caught up in a big way. Not only did they take […]

Colt Defender Lightweight Stainless O7000XE

Gun Tests Grade: B+ $999 Colt debuted the original “Colt Officer’s ACP” in 1985. This first version was all steel. A lightweight, aluminum-framed version hit the market about a year later. One member of our test group owns one of the original models, and we were able to compare that pistol versus Colt’s 2020 submission. […]

Smith & Wesson Model 351 PD 160228 22 WMR

Gun Tests Grade: A $766 In our opinion, the Smith & Wesson Model 351 PD is highest on this 22 WMR revolver food chain. It offers good sights, light weight, a nice grip, and good accuracy. Of course, it also carries a heavy price tag. The 351 PD is built on S&W’s J-frame, and it […]

Taurus Model 942 2-942M029 22 WMR

Gun Tests Grade: B $309 The 942 is built on Taurus’s small revolver frame, similar to a S&W J-frame. Metal work was excellent, and the matte-stainless frame and barrel contrasted nicely with the chrome thumb piece, hammer, and trigger. In hand, this was a heavy subcompact revolver at 28.4 ounces loaded. It’s okay to drop […]

Ruger Model LCRx 5439 22 WMR

Gun Tests Grade: A- $599 In the middle of the 22 WMR snubnose food chain is the Ruger LCRx. We have tested the LCRx platform in other calibers in past issues and gave the 357 Magnum variant an A- grade. Ruger’s LCR model has an enclosed hammer, while the LCRx has an exposed hammer spur […]

Miller v. Bonta Decision

Click the link below to see the entire Miller v. Bonta decision referenced in the August 2021 Downrange editorial. gov.uscourts.casd.642089.115.0_1