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Stoeger Industries STR-9 31721 9mm Luger

GUN TESTS GRADE: B $350 This was a recent price at ImpactGuns.com. We found this handgun for retail in a local shop for $340. Interestingly, Stoeger is marketing the pistol in three versions. The first (31720), found for $277 in stock at ImpactGuns.com, comes with only a medium grip insert and a single magazine. We […]

SIG P365 Nitron Micro-Compact 365-9-BXR3 9mm Luger

GUN TESTS GRADE: B $465 The P365 is the priciest pistol tested. Yet we routinely see these pistols at shops marked up over $500, and used pistols with an asking price well over $400. The pistol is popular and seems to hold its value. Our job is to determine what that value may be in […]

Arex Rex Delta REXDELTA01 9mm Luger

GUN TESTS GRADE: A (BEST BUY) $425 This was a recent price at ClassicFirearms.com. When you look at the extra $85 for the Arex Delta over the Stoeger, you have to look at the advantage, if any, the extra dollars contribute to the pistol. Before we begin the technical description, we note one advantage between […]

Four New 9mm Pistols from Stoeger, Arex, Ruger, and SIG

Finally, we get a SIG Sauer P365 to the range, and it's okay. Just okay? Yeah. The others were the Stoeger STR-9, Arex Rex Delta, and Ruger Security-9, one of which we consider to be a better buy.


Our Pick: The National Match Colt is the most accurate handgun tested by a considerable margin.

Competition-Ready 9mms from Springfield, Walther, and Arex

All three handguns offer great accuracy, good triggers, and manageable recoil. Choosing between them will be the customer's task because each one has positives suitable for different games.

Aw Shucks, Thank You…

Reader PM resubscribed after many years to get our 2nd Amendment reporting and commentary. Reader Richard got his latest issue in the mail, and it was "trimmed" on the side. Here's how to resolve that.

Slim-Line 9mm Contest: Ruger, Beretta, and Bond Arms

The brand-new Bond Arms Bullpup handgun design takes on two veterans of the carry wars, the APX Carry from Beretta and a spiffed-up LC9s from Ruger. We found two really good compact choices.

Magnum Revolvers: 6-, 7-, and 8-Shooters from Taurus, S&W

We test three 357 Magnum revolvers with different capacities for personal defense. We liked the Taurus revolvers the best, with the Model 66 and Model 608 hitting like heavyweights. So which won?




10MM & 40 S&W Handgun Rankings

40 S&W Compacts: Taurus, Kahr, S&W, Springfield, & SIG

Despite a noticeable drop in popularity and sales, the 40 S&W handgun is far from being a dead issue. Quite a few shooters realize that the 40 is just the bridge between the 45 and 9mm that it was meant to be. The 40 hits hard and enjoys an excellent reputation in police service. Wound […]

Hard to Argue

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) said recently that if state agencies and officials around the country who are responsible for issuing concealed-carry licenses or...