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First Look: Ruger-57 16401 5.7x28mm, $749

Gun Tests staffers are currently testing a Ruger-57 chambered in the 5.7x28mm round for the October 2020 issue of the magazine. The 57 is...

Springfield Armory XD-M 5.25 XDM952510BHCE 10mm Auto

GUN TESTS GRADE: A- (BEST BUY) $681 The XD-M is made in Karlovac, Croatia by HS Product and has been imported by Springfield Armory since 2002. The match version (the reason for the “M” suffix) was introduced in 2009. Various XD iterations have been tested by Gun Tests over the years to very good reviews. […]

Smith & Wesson Model 610 12462 10mm Auto

GUN TESTS GRADE: A $859 We wonder if, perhaps, the most commonly carried revolver of all time hasn’t been one of the small, J-Frame Smith & Wesson revolvers. Frequently chambered in 38 Special, with 1.875- to 3-inch barrels, these little pistols make a great self-defense or backup pistol. But we wouldn’t want to have to […]

SIG Sauer Tacops 1911R-10-TACOPS 10mm Auto

GUN TESTS GRADE: B-/A $1050 Recent SIG Sauer 1911s tend to be a bit different. The slide is not mil-spec nor is the muzzle. When you order a holster for a SIG 1911, make sure you tell them it is a SIG, because they don’t fit in tight standard rigs. Our Tacops sample is no […]

Colt Delta Elite 02020RG 10mm Auto

GUN TESTS GRADE: A- $1134 We won’t call the look two-tone, but the Colt Delta Elite 10mm is a beautiful contrast of finishes. Flat surfaces on the pistol are a smooth, brushed finish with all curved or cast parts showing a bead-blasted look. The lines on the frame and slide delineating the two are sharp […]

Smith & Wesson M&P45 M2.0 12106 45 ACP

GUN TESTS GRADE: A (OUR PICK) $469 This was a recent price at PalmettoStateArmory.com. The M&P45 M2.0 came in a plain cardboard box, with two steel-body magazines and four different grip modules. This is the next evolution of the M&P line in which S&W kept what was right and tweaked the rest. This compact variant […]

Lone Wolf Distributors TWL-S Frame Gray Man Slide 10mm Auto

GUN TESTS GRADE: A $884 The TWL-S Frame/Gray Man Slide is the same as the TWL-L Frame/Gray Man Slide except it is chambered in 10mm caliber and has a different frame size. This is the short-frame variant, and it looks similar to the TWL-L frame except for a shorter grip and no magwell. The slides […]

Lone Wolf Distributors TWL-L Frame/Gray Man Slide 45 Auto

GUN TESTS GRADE: A $884 The TWL-L is a semi-custom pistol completely manufactured by LWD except for the magazine and sights. TWL-L uses Glock OEM magazines, and the slide is configured for Glock OEM sights or you can get any Glock aftermarket sights. This pistol is not so much a Glock clone of the Glock […]

Glock G37 Gen 3 45 GAP

GUN TESTS GRADE: A- $380 USED, $539 NEW The new price is a recent cite from OmahaOutdoors.com. We’ve tested the G37 Gen 3 and gave it a Buy It rating in the past. Unfortunately, this go-round, the G37 received a slightly lower grade, but not due to the performance of the pistol. We still think […]

Success with the Legend Round

Re “350 Legend Bolt-Actions from Winchester, Savage, and Ruger,” July 2020 I purchased a Ruger American Ranch Rifle in 350 Legend and used it last deer season. I shot a buck at about 40 yards using Hornady’s 170-grain round, and it really brought him down with just one shot. Also, used it on a coyote […]

Devil Dog Arms 4.25 Standard DDA-425-BO45 45 ACP

GUN TESTS GRADE: A- $1,150 This is a recent price at DevilDogArms.com. The Devil Dog Commander 45 is a distinctive handgun. The pistol is manufactured with forward cocking serrations and a flattop slide. The frame is cast, while the slide is forged steel. The flattop slide is attractive in a manner formerly reserved for much […]

Guncrafter Industries Commander GCI-COMM-RAIL-45-FCB-FCSS-AMBI 45 ACP

GUN TESTS GRADE: A (OUR PICK) $3,285 This is sometimes called the Gun With No Name, as there are no slide markings. We really like the smooth slide treatment. The serrated dished out slide rib is well done. We had elected to test three full-size 1911 handguns, one of them with a rail, and two […]

Something Odd Just Happened

On December 23, 2020, Marvin G. Richardson, associate deputy director (ADD) of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE), withdrew the “notice...