Smith & Wesson 651 Tops Rossi, Taurus Stainless .22 Magnums

For whatever their reasons, some folks aren't happy with the ballistics of a .22 LR and want just a bit more horsepower in their handgun.

Not wanting to reload, and rejecting the cost of the available loads for the little .32 revolvers, these good folks have the option of the .22 Magnum. One of the more useful barrel lengths on a small revolver is 4 inches, and while you're at it you might want adjustable sights on the handgun. A 4-inch adjustable-sighted .22 Magnum is getting pretty near the ideal trail gun; all that's left is to make it of stainless steel, and we've arrived.

Before we get into our test session, let's consider how we might use this .22 Magnum revolver. Yes, it'll do...

Blackpowder Quest: Looking For A Good, Modern 1851 Navy

[IMGCAP(1)] Wild Bill had a pair. Sam Bass used one, and so did Frank James and Cole Younger. Elmer Keith liked his very much. In fact, Elmer's 1851 Navy Colt was one of his first handguns, and it undoubtedly influenced the grand old master all his life. We, too, like the Colt Navy, and so do many Cowboy Action shooters. With all this popularity we thought it would be a good idea to inform our readers where to go to get today's best copy of the breed. Unfortunately, we can't tell you that, because although we found an affordable fun gun, we haven't found one yet that is thoroughly satisfactory.

It ought not to be all that hard to produce a decent copy of the Colt 1851 Navy, the popular oc...

A Landmark Decision in Bruen

From the the majority decision written by Justice Clarence Thomas in a landmark Supreme Court gunowner-rights decision, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association,...