NRA Outdoors to AwardNew Mexico Mule Deer Hunt,Prize Package Via Facebook Contest

This fall, one lucky hunter will get to go behind the scenes with NRA Outdoors and be part of a personal inspection of one of the company’s top Western big-game outfitters. As part of the all-expenses-paid prize package, the winner will fly to Albuquerque, N.M., to hunt mule deer during New Mexico’s muzzleloader season alongside NRA Outdoors President Greg Ray.

Designing the Browning Cynergy — Ten Long Years

Its roots lie with the original B-25 Superposed, designed by John M. Browning in 1928 and finished for production using a single trigger with barrel selector by his son Val Browning by 1939. As the story goes, production costs hurt the Superposed in the marketplace during the late 1960s, so the design was taken to Browning's partner, the Miroku Company in Japan, and in 1971 the Citori over and under joined the Browning lineup.

Issues of Concealment: Printing & Flashing

What about carrying your pistol so that no one can see it? After all, it is a concealed handgun license. Texas does not have a statute which allows the open carry of a handgun and for a CHL holder, it is an offense to carry a handgun in a manner where it is not concealed. Failing to conceal is a crime set forth in Texas Penal Code 46.035, writes attorney Michael D. Wisdom, president of the Texas Law Shield, a firearms legal defense retainer program developed by Houston-based Walker, Rice & Wisdom, P.C., Attorneys at Law. The key to this crime is that a CHL holder must INTENTIONALLY fail to conceal their handgun.

NRA’s Black Commentator Becomes Web Sensation

Colion Noir belongs to the NRA and owns several guns, including a sleek Glock 17 handgun and a customized AR-15 rifle. But as Noir frequently points out, he does not fit the stereotype of NRA members, or what he calls OFWG: 'Old, fat white guys.'

New Videos Added to Gunreports.Com This Week

Here are new videos added to this week: Two bullets too many; Jerry Miculek takes a close look at the Tavor bullpup rifle; and a Brownells' gunsmith goes through, step-by-step, how to properly disassemble a Beretta 92.

Springfield Armory Enhanced Micro Pistol 9mm, $1253

This Gun Test-evaluated pistol is chambered for shooter-friendly 9mm ammunition. It offers single-action fire and a thumb-operated safety to simplify operation. Matching short slides to the proper-strength recoil spring can be challenging. The tested Springfield Armory EMP (Enhanced Micro Pistol), $1253, sprang from the Browning 1911 design.Matching short slides to the proper-strength recoil spring can be challenging. All four of our test guns utilized a two-spring plunger-style guide-rod system that seems to be the answer to providing the proper balance of compression and rebound. Despite this operational similarity all four pistols offered their own unique features. Our test pistol, the Springfield Armory EMP (Enhanced Micro Pistol), $1253, sprang from the Browning 1911 design.

Grand opening of NRANational Sporting Arms Museumat Missouri Bass Pro Shops

On Aug. 2, 2013, the National Rifle Association will celebrate the grand opening of the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum located at the Bass Pro Shops store in Springfield, Mo.

Steve Austin Limited EditionMeopta Broken Skull Ranch RiflescopeNow Available

The Meopta Broken Skull Ranch riflescope, endorsed by pro wrestling hall of famer and action movie star Steve Austin, is now available at

Want To Improve Your Long Range Shooting Skills?

Barrett's Long Range 1 training class is a three day (24 hr) course that teaches shooters the fundamentals of marksmanship and introduces components of successful long range shooting including wind estimation, ballistics, and data collection. The course will be offered July 26-28 in Moyock, N.C.

NRA Kicks Off 2013Youth Education SummitScholarship Program

This week, 47 high school students from around the United States are attending the 2013 National Rifle Association Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.), a seven-day, competitive college scholarship program held in Washington, D.C.

Tossed By A Tornado,S&W Handgun Survivesand Its Lasergrip Powers Up

When a powerful tornado rated by the National Weather Service as an EF-4 with winds up to 200 MPH ripped through central Oklahoma in May 2013, homeowner Pat Brand lost everything. He huddled along with 10 neighbors in a protective underground shelter as the violent storm roared overhead. When he emerged after the tornado passed, gone were his home, truck and a Smith &Wesson handgun that was equipped with Crimson Trace Lasergrips.

23 Champions Named,World Cup Berths Awarded

The USA Shooting National Championships for Rifle and Pistol were held at the home of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit in Fort Benning, Ga., June 3-9. More than 350 competitors shot at the championships.

Rebellion In The Lower Courts

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed the Protect Illinois Communities Act in January 2023, and it is among the nation’s worst gun-control laws. It bans...