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Springfield Armory XDM-E OSP XDME94510GBHCOSP Green Cerakote Finish 10mm Auto

We gave these two XDM-E pistols every chance to show that one was lacking versus the other — or even just different. Springfield Armory, and their production methods, passed with flying colors. Choose this one if you like the slide color. We actually did.

Springfield Armory XDM-E OSP XDME94510BHCOSP Black Finish 10mm Auto

The frame of the XDM Elite has come a long way. The grip provides a good gripping surface. Provides an ambidextrous magazine release and a manual grip safety and three different grip inserts to accommodate different sized hands. Accurate and reliable.

Glock Model 20 SF Short Frame Gen 3 PF2050702 10mm Auto

The Short Frame makes this Glock easier to shoot for those with smaller hands. Accuracy was good. Reliability 100%. Being trigger snobs, we would like to a better trigger. We liked the Glock Night Sights.

Stevens 301 Single Shot 22557 12 Gauge

The 301 is more versatile with the screw-in choke tube. We thought the longer barrel was a slight liability in a cramped environment. It had the best recoil management of the shotguns tested.

H&R Topper Model 158 12 Gauge

This is a vintage single shot made in 1973, and it performed well. We’d load it with 00 buckshot and keep spare rounds in the slip-over ammo holder.

FedArm SS12 Model MBP1218 12 Gauge

This shotgun folds into a compact package but is afflicted with problems, and we would steer clear of this gun. FedArm provided zero customer support. When we could get it to work, 00 buckshot groups were tight.

Beware Online Gun Purchases

Dear Todd: As a long-time reader and subscriber to your magazine, I value it as the only “source of serious, objective evaluations” of firearms available. That said, I would like to offer my concern, which is not about any specific firearm, but rather about a new trend that I have come to observe in online […]

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Drop-In Glock Triggers: Apex, OverWatch, Timney Compared

Tested: Apex Enhancement Trigger & Trigger Bar, $100; OverWatch Precision TAC Trigger, $135; and the Timney Alpha Competition Series Alpha Glock 3-4, $150. We thought one was too light for EDC.

Dan Wesson Specialist 01802 45 ACP

The Specialist was designed for tactical use. There are no forward cocking serrations. It does have an ambidextrous safety. There is no full-length guide rod (FLGR), which may be a plus.

Les Baer 572 Hemi 45 ACP

A Les Baer pistol often requires a break-in period, according to conventional wisdom and the maker. This is the second new Les Baer we have tested that came out of the box running, after having its long bearing surfaces lubricated. A pistol tested several years ago demanded a brief break in.

Springfield Armory 1911 TRPPC9107L18 45 ACP

The test pistol is stainless steel. The fit and finish are good; however, there was an apparent tool mark near the rear of the trigger guard where the pistol is marked “SS” for stainless steel.

Gun News, Good and Bad

Over the past three years, historic numbers of Americans legally purchased a firearm. According to Larry Keane, senior vice president and general counsel of...