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Smith & Wesson Pro Series 686 Plus 178038 357 Magnum

In several particulars, this handgun is an anomaly among the revolvers tested. First, it is a seven-shooter.

Glock Model 19 Gen4 9mm Luger

We started this project with the help of a gun owner who wanted to build his own Roland Special. The base gun cost $700, so the upgrades are obviously multiples of the retail price of a Glock 19.

Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP HC9389BTOSPWASP 9mm Luger

You only thought Roland Specials were only full or compact guns? Think again. The Hellcat RDP is subcompact version direct from the factory.

New Original Henry Rifle Benefits Cody Firearms Museum

Davidson’s, one of the nation’s top firearms, optics, and accessories wholesalers, has partnered with Henry Repeating Arms, Baron Engraving, and the Cody Firearms Museum to bring a stunning New Original Henry in 44-40 Winchester to market as a Davidson’s Exclusive. This Cody Museum Collectors Series rifle is limited to 300 units and each comes with […]

Stoeger STR-9S Combat 31736 9mm Luger

The MSRP of a base-model STR-9 pistol (31720) has recently been $329. The STR-9S Combat’s MSRP is $599.

Ruger Precision Rimfire 8401 22 LR

Ruger introduced the centerfire Precision Rifle in mid-2015, thereby starting a revolution. The rifle turned out to be pretty accurate (0.75-moa groups were common for us).

Bergara B14R B14R001 22 LR

Coming in at a bit more than 9 pounds, the Bergara B14R was the heavyweight in our selection. The 18-inch barrel measured around 0.85 inch just behind the threaded muzzle, tapering down from 1.3 inch in front of the receiver ring.

Christensen Arms Ranger 22 8011200100 22 LR

In direct contrast to the Bergara, Christensen Arms decided to forego recoil mitigation and opted, instead, for portability. Everything in this rifle is designed for maximum weight savings.

How About Just the PDFs?

Just the PDFs, Ma’am Hi, love your magazine. Have been a reader for many years. I wonder if it is possible to just get a PDF instead of the actual printed magazine? We’re trying to limit the amount of paper that is coming into the house. — Jim Hey Jim: Yes, just contact customer service […]

Ruger Bearcat Shopkeeper Model 0915 22 LR

The Bearcat was introduced in 1958 and quickly soared in popularity. The revolver’s small size is great for campers, hikers, and fisherman who might need to deal with a cottonmouth.

Ruger Bearcat Shopkeeper Model 0918 22 LR

The 3.5-inch-barrel Shopkeeper is similar to the 3-inch-barrel model except for the barrel length and a few other characteristics.

Heritage Mfg Barkeep Model BK22B3GPRL 22 LR

This model Barkeep is similar to other model Barkeep with two differences. This model has a 3.6-inch barrel and faux gray pearl grips.

Halfway There

On April 12, 2022, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed Senate Bill 319, Constitutional carry, into law. Constitutional carry in Georgia goes into effect immediately....