December 1, 2007

Weatherby SBS Athena D'Italia ADX1228SGM

Weatherby SBS Athena D'Italia ADX1228SGM

The Weatherby swings in a lovely, controllable manner and is responsive enough to address a wide range of targets. We did find the balance forward a bit on this gun, a factor that was different from the Beretta, rather than a positive or negative. Would like a better selection of chokes, but $700 between the Athena and the Beretta prices buys a lot of tubes.

This venerable and completely American company has always had a well-earned reputation for its quality rifles, but it has often struggled in the shotgun market. The company came out of some of that slump when it totally overhauled and reintroduced its semi-automatic SAS a few years back. But you don’t see its double-barreled offerings often, either in the field or on the sporting-clays course.

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