November 27, 2007

Browning Cynergy Classic 20 Gauge

There wasn’t a thing we disliked about the way this gun handled. If you’re a competitive shooter looking for a sub-gauge gun that closely resembles the handling and balance of your main event 12 gauge, then this is the gun for you. It comes with fiber optics, porting, adjustable trigger, extended choke tubes, and a stock configuration that won’t make you feel like you’re shooting a sub-gauge. We graded it down one step for sloppy checkering, its lack of a hard case, and because only three choke tubes were included where the others had five. For more than $3000, we think a plastic hard case and the two extra choke tubes wouldn’t have been too much to ask.

Browning Cynergy Classic 20 Gauge

This gun has it all - porting, extended choke tubes, fiber-optic sights, the proper balance for sporting clays, and a main-event 12-gauge feel in a 20-gauge package. This fell short of an A rank because it came with three choke tubes and no hard case.

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