Langdon Tactical Launches Customized Beretta Tomcat


Custom firearms shop Langdon Tactical Technology (LTT) has released its version of the Beretta Tomcat, Beretta’s 32 ACP tilting-barrel pocket pistol.

“Customers have asked us for years to work on the Tomcat, and in 2022 we jokingly released an April Fools post suggesting that we had started doing so. However, it was just a joke,” said Aimee Langdon, vice president of LTT. “But then the likes, comments, and messages started rolling in, with thousands of customers begging us to make it a reality. Today, we have.”

Langdon’s Tomcat will include the company’s trigger Job, RDO Cut, and a rear slide bevel, along with Cerakote finishing on the slide.

At launch, LTT will be offering the suppressor-ready FDE variant of the Tomcat and accepting customer guns for custom gun work packages.

LTT Tomcats with the full custom package will retail at $649 without an optic, while the Custom Gun Work begins at $140.

Tomcat by LTT with LTT Trigger Job Pricing:

Tomcat by LTT with Trigger Job and RDO Cut, $649

Tomcat by LTT w/ Trigger Job, RDO Cut and Sig Romeo Optic, $699

Tomcat by LTT w/ Trigger Job, RDO Cut and Holosun 407K Optic, $849

Tomcat by LTT w/ Trigger Job, RDO Cut and Holosun 507K Optic, $920



  1. It sounds good, my question is the suppressor ready barrel. I have a .30 cal. suppressor, w/ the 5/8 X 24, which would be nice to be able to use, however impractical, but w/ a red dot, and a trigger job, it would be cool for school. I also have a inox, and was wondering it the rework applied to a SS, tomcat? FYI, the guns I own now are not the ones I bought. Both were replace by Beretta after the slide and pistol failed during firing. So far so good now. The tomcat is a hard pistol to fire, the grip has to be just so, so the slide won’t take a big bite out of you.
    Mike S


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