Gun Tests Magazine Selects Kimber Pro Custom Defense
Package (CDP) II 45 ACP as 2013 “Best in Class Pistol”


( — Gun Tests Magazine has named the Kimber Pro Custom Defense Package II 45 ACP as the publication’s “Best in Class Pistol” for 2013.

Gun Tests Publisher Timothy H. Cole said, “Consumers can trust these awards because we don’t accept advertising, which allows us to choose guns solely on their own merits. The Kimber was brilliantly fast on the draw, came on target quickly and got a solid hit in the hands of a skilled user. Heavier recoil made combat groups larger when we approached the 10-yard line, but first-shot hits were just as fast and sure with the Kimber.”

Every December, Gun Tests’ Editor Todd Woodard surveys the work of the magazine’s staff over the previous 12 months to select about a dozen Guns of the Year (GOTY) choices. From those Guns of the Year, the staff chooses the magazine’s “Best in Class” winners.

The exact test model was the $1331 MSRP Kimber Pro Custom Defense Package (CDP) II 45 ACP originally reviewed in the November 2013 issue.

Contributing Editor Bob Campbell oversaw the original test. He said, “Because of its expense, it’s no surprise that the CDP was well put together and showed attention to detail.

“The combination of grip checkering and the fit and checkering of the rosewood grip panels made for a handgun that was controllable in rapid fire, but not as docile as the steel-frame guns. The recoil sneaks up on you.”

Woodard said, “After 100 rounds, the shock is apparent. This isn’t the pistol to work over the course with +P loads. It will take the jolt, but the shooter will suffer. Still, bottom line, the Kimber is ambidextrous, accurate, light weight, fast to target, and dependable.”

The CDP II joins a Charter Arms Pitbull 9mm Luger revolver, Howa’s Hogue Youth 2N1Combo rifle, the Benelli Ultralight 10802 Semi-Auto 12 Gauge, a Liberty Custom Leather Savannah IWB Holster, and Black Hills’ 60-grain M223R4 223 Rem. jacketed soft point round as the magazine’s “Best in Class” 2013 honorees.

Gun Tests is a subscription-supported monthly 32-page four-color magazine. It does not accept commercial advertising.

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